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Classic Blagnac 36 -  The RevolutionClassic Blagnac 36 -  The Revolution

Classic Blagnac 36

Classic Cholet 36 -  The RevolutionClassic Cholet 36 -  The Revolution

Classic Cholet 36


Revolution Watches

The Vision

True to our name Revolution, we are determined for change, for togetherness, for the power to benefit the world for the better. Our long term mission, with the help of One Tree Planted, is to plant 129 million trees worldwide and consistently plant until our future is brighter, our world is safe. Buying back lost time. Listening to the urgency of our current situation and understanding the serious scale of our environmental issues worldwide.

Revolution Watches

The Brand

Based in Budapest, Hungary, our watches are designed, tested and determined to revolutionize the watch industry. Our expert craftsmanship highlights our precision and purpose when we design and create each watch. We pride ourselves on focusing on the finest details and sourcing premium quality materials so that every watch is comfortable to wear.

Revolution Watches


  We aim to change the world, one watch at a time. Why, you ask? Watches have been the much-loved accessory of humans for a countless amount of time. They represent two things, the precious nature of time and the urgency time brings to every situation. You can buy a watch but you can’t buy time, which is why we are rebelling against this idea.

 The box made from coated paper+EVA 99% recyclable 

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